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Challenging and Enriching Young Minds.

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About The Roane Schools


To help families by providing high quality care and instruction in an environment that truly enriches their child's early years.

We strive to create a high quality learning environment that combines the latest in materials, methods, and equipment in a safe, nurturing, stimulating, and friendly setting.

We believe in a strong parent/teacher relationship and encourage parents to be active partners in their children's preschool activities.

We further believe that given the proper enriched environment, along with the active support of their parents, children will thrive and develop into well rounded, responsible individuals.

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We believe that children learn through hands on experience matched with quality modeling, delivered in a nurturing environment.  Add to this a highly trained and motivated group of teachers, and the result is a program where children are given the best possible start in their individual journeys toward becoming well-rounded, productive citizens.

Curriculum Overview

The Roane School Curriculum encourages children to be active and involved learners. Our teachers create opportunities for everyone to develop skills in order to be successful! We believe that a quality early learning experience stresses the development of both an enriched and challenged mind with a strong, healthy body in a warm, safe, and comfortable environment.

All children enrolled in our school will experience a day that is carefully planned with developmentally appropriate activities by our highly trained teachers.

Our curriculum is designed to enhance the development of the "whole" child, which we define as a well-rounded, happy, and healthy individual. For all age groups, the curriculum is broken down into four major categories which together account for the enriched early learning environment of the child. The categories include LISTENING AND SPEAKING, PHYSICAL DEVELOPMENT, CREATIVE EXPRESSION, and LEARNING FROM OUR WORLD. Pervasive in these categories are the elements of cognitive, social, emotional and physical growth.

Listening and Speaking

The listening and speaking portion of our curriculum focuses on language acquisition and listening skills. Experience with books, pictures, games, and puppetry, just to name a few, foster this important part of your child's development.
In addition to providing planned experiences, teachers are trained to engage in meaningful conversation (questioning and expanding on what children say) throughout the day. Manners and etiquette are also introduced in this category of our curriculum.

Physical Development

Children are usually happiest when they are active and on the move! Physical activities are learning activities, and our curriculum offers safe, indoor and outdoor opportunities for large and small muscle development. Feelings of confidence and pride are fostered as children physically progress at their own pace. Healthful choices are introduced and modeled in our classroom program so children can learn to make positive decisions to maintain an active, healthy body.

Creative Expression

Children are naturally creative beings! Creative expression is stressed in our curriculum through the use of many different activity centers, materials, and quality toys.
Activities in art, blocks, dramatic play, and music help to develop the senses, the imagination, and the skills needed to participate in and appreciate the arts.

Learning from Our World

Sharpening the senses - how we hear, see, smell, taste, and feel - allows us to fully appreciate the world around us. Our curriculum includes experiences with nature, science, geography, and current events occurring in our world. Computers are used to enhance your child's interest and knowledge of what is going on around them.


Unique, State-Of-The-Art Preschool

The Roane School is a fully licensed, one-of-a-kind child care program designed to promote both cognitive and developmental skills. Our stimulating campus includes:

  • Large, open classrooms outfitted with educator- approved and developmentally appropriate furnishings and equipment

  • Media Center with personal computers and a library

  • Multi-purpose areas for art, music, and special projects

  • Mini-gymnasium

  • Four separate age-appropriate playground areas

  • Unique outdoor water play area

  • Fully equipped kitchen for meal preparation/snacks

  • Security cameras throughout

  • Modern air purification system to reduce air-borne bacteria

  • School buses, equipped with seat belts, for field trips and after-school transportation